Nono solved my son’s eating problem ...

‘First truffle that started the NoNo family was Macro Marz. The idea behind it came from having to manage my son’s complex condition & supply him with additional nutrition. He couldn’t swallow supplements & he wouldn’t eat much. Later, his daily treat became his only source of minerals, antioxidants & vitamins.’ A. Bester

Innovative about FreeFrom products!

We have selected the world’s best ingredients to create beautiful, raw, organic, natural truffle. Our truffles enhance the sensory experience, recall childhood memories & awaken you to the present moment. NoNo truffles are carefully engineered to combine vitamins, minerals & nutrients to achieve specific health results. This is why we call them permissible indulgence.


Nono are made of no nuts, no gluten, no dairy, no corn, no soya… containing only allergy friendly ingredients. *1


We say No! No to Gluten! No to Nuts! No to Lactose & Casein! No to Egg! No to Yeast & No again to Artificial Colouring, GMO & Preservative! No Hidden Sugar! No Cholesterol! And finally, No to compromise on quality & taste! We proudly offer a selection of Superfood Truffles made lovingly in small batches.


We don’t judge. We care! Whatever your lifestyle everyone deserves the occasional treat.


You can have it both ways; indulge in delicious truffles without the sugar spike giving your body something of a value, not just empty calories. A balanced diet and outdoor activity is a fantastic excuse to have some treats. You are one truffle away from good mood!


“Functional Foods” are thought to provide benefits beyond basic nutrition......


....may play a role in reducing or minimizing the risk of certain diseases and other health conditions. Commonly known as a Superfoods! Functional Foods are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants & if you are on special diets for IBS management (low FODMAP), anti-inflammatory diet for pain management, GFCF for Autism to low-fructose, sugar-elimination diets, or just care in general about your health, this is something for you.