Functional Food Company is an umbrella manufacture for range of health food brands

Nono Cocoa

We believe

That no one should miss out on things they love due to allergies, intolerance, IBS… or simply by wanting to eat clean and nutritionally dense food. At the same time we think, that no one should be deprived of the opportunity to work despite Autism, mental health, being single parent or have a chronic condition. We offer work opportunity to the one usually excluded from employment.

Nono Cocoa

Beautiful, raw chocolates with no refined sugar and free-from top 14 allergens. Certified Vegan and packed with superfoods, micronutrients and Functional Foods* Available in range of seasonal gift boxes, everyday lunch box snack packs and other.

Award Winning & Loved

Pure Source

Range of superfoods, functional foods from a pure source, allergy friendly organic, gluten free, vegan.

Perfect ingredients for anyone leading health lifestyle




LowFODMAP Seeds and Protein crackers that are dehydrated, low carb, high in omega3, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and other micronutrients like Zink and Copper. Free-from 14 allergens, Vegan Flavours include Turmeric & Peppercorn, Beetroot & Cayenne, Cinnamon & Orange. Perfect snack on-the-go


Range of protein snacks for slow realise of energy, that are sugar-free and packed with micronutrients.

Micro-Marz is a micronutrients marzipan high in omega3, minerals and protein. No nuts containing marzipan*